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Allen and Sons Waste Services

Specializing in residential and commercial trash service.

We are locally owned and operated, able to provide the utmost customer satisfaction!

Every customer has different needs... we provide custom service for Everyone!

  • Weekly trash service

    • 96 or 65 gallon wheeled carts are provided free of charge with your service for your convenience.

  • Specialty service (additional fees may apply)

    • Bulky/Large item pick up

    • Brush Collection (must be bundled with twine/rope in 4 ft lengths)

    • 2, 3, 4 & 6 yard containers available

  • Recycling

    • 18 gallon tote container collected on same day as trash

    • Recyclable Items

      • Clear Plastic Bottles (rinsed out) - bottles with a neck such as soft drink, water, ketchup, etc.​

      • Cloudy Plastic Bottles (rinsed out) - bottles with a bottom seam such as milk, water, vinegar

      • Plastic Grocery Bags - clean and dry

      • Cardboard - empty, clean and flattened

      • Aluminum Beverage Cans - rinsed

      • Cardboard Food Boxes - cereal, cracker, etc.

      • Steel/Tin Food Cans - rinsed

      • Office Paper - white or pastel

      • Newspaper

      • Glass - rinsed

    • Not Recyclable​

      • Bottle lids​

      • Fast food containers (even if cardboard)

      • Styrofoam

      • Hazardous Waste

  • Referral Discounts​ (click for coupon)

Scheduled a couch pick up. Called the office and representative was very helpful and price was great! Just wanted to say thanks and good job!

~~Eric Sikorski, Wichita

The guys had dropped some paper in the road and picked it up instead of letting it blow.

~~Sheena Shaw, Wichita

Love your service!!" Thank You!

~~Glenda Fox, Wichita

Last month you took our container when my son forgot to place it on the street. This is his job and you did it 2 times! Thank you for helping us, we appreciate it!

~~Miles Family, Maize


I have called the office a few times for various situations, and each and every time, a live person has answered the phone and helped me with each situation. Allen and Sons is amazing with their customer service!

~~Cain Family, Haysville


Best rates and prices on both residential for my home and for commercial for my business! Nobody beats their price on a consistent basis!

~~Stewart Family, Goddard


Switched to Allen and Sons and have been very pleased with our service!

~~Kiellie Wiegers, Wichita


Great Service!

~~Melissa Oharah, Maiz


Love them!!! You won't be disappointed :) We saved a BUNDLE!!

~~Ali Sacket, Wichita


Love them!! So happy I switched!

~~Tina Cash, Goddard

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