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Every customer has different needs


Below are answers to common questions you might not find in other areas of our website.


Is there a weight limit to put in my trash can?


Yes. Our 65 gal heavy duty cart is rated for 200 lbs. The 96 gal cart for 300 lbs.


Will extra trash bags be picked up?


With the 96 gallon service, up to 6 extra bags once a month will be picked up. If you use your own container for extras please make sure it's not heavy.


How can I sanitize my trash can?


Equal amounts vinegar & hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle works wonderfully.


Can I leave large bulky items that do not fit into my trash can for pick up?

No, large bulky items must be arranged in advance for additional fees.


Can I leave brush from my yard for pick up?

Yes. All brush should be bagged or tied/bundled with twine/rope in 4 ft lengths.


Are there late fees if my bill is not paid by the due date?

Yes. A $15 late fee will apply to invoices for payments made after the due date.


How often will I receive an invoice?

Invoices are mailed quarterly. If you start service in the middle of a quarter, your first bill will be prorated accordingly.


Do you provide “Alley Pick-Up”?

No. We do our best to accommodate everyone, however, alley pick ups produce significant wear and tear on our vehicles.


How often is recycling picked up?

Recycling is picked up weekly on the same day as your trash.


How can I pay my bill?

We accept credit/debit card payments over the phone or check/money orders mailed to our office.

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